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KMC, established in 2003, is an international trading/service company in the marine, dredging, offshore and power generating world, representing a number of well established companies:
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Göteborgs Energy Systems AB
  • exhaust gas economizers
  • thermal fluid heaters
  • NOx and CO2 reduction systems
RSS - Rotterdam Ship Service BV
  • hydraulic cylinders, new and repair
  • hatch cover service and spare parts
  • high pressure water blasting equipment
  • hydro blasting services
Koenig Engineering Inc.
  • turning gears for gas turbines
  • starting systems for gas turbines
  • plate heat exchangers
  • shell-and-tube heat exchangers
BAC Corrosion Control A/S
  • zinc and aluminium anodes for cathodic protection
  • shaft grounding
  • anti-fouling
Your worldwide partner in trading and technical solutions.
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